About Us

Clean Marketing is a digital marketing agency entirely focused on the cleaning industry. As part of the Clean Direct Inc. umbrella of specialty cleaning companies and headquartered in Apex NC,  Clean Marketing delivers a whole new depth of specialty digital marketing services.

Our unique strength comes from unique industry knowledge where we've already sharpened our teeth on developing several internal brands including:

  • Clean Direct Inc.
  • SkyVac USA & Canada
  • The Mosmatic Professional
  • IPC Professional
  • Gutter Cleaning Association

Through this last year we've helped many of our customers develop, launch and grow their specialty cleaning brand.

Some examples:

  • True Blue Crew LLC
  • LeafMasters
  • Peacekeepers Lawn Care
  • Gutter Clutter
  • Carolina Gutter Vac
  • Elevac

We specialize in delivering a quick and economical solution for:

  • Cleaning Start Ups
  • Existing Small & Medium Sized Cleaning Service Companies
  • Larger Sized Cleaning Companies & Franchises (who need specialized, tailored service from seasoned cleaning specialists)

We are a Shopify Development Partner. Our methods are based on the philosophy of speed-to-market and intense local & regional business growth. You might liken it to jumping out of an airplane and building a parachute on the way down.

The cleaning industry as a whole is expected to grow substantially over the next 5 years. The best independent and franchise opportunities are likely to be in specialty cleaning services that have a greater opportunity to differentiate themselves and are less likely to face local competition.

The most important factors to success are marketing, reputation and location. Our marketing strategy is built around those three key elements of your business.